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The Saint Olive family is apothecary perfumer in the 17th and 18th centuries in the region of Lyon in France. The family’s activity consists of trading in ingredients that make up medicines and perfumery. From the year 1710, the Saint Olive specialised in the sale of flower essences for perfumers. Hugues Saint Olive born in 1650 was the first apothecary perfumer of the family. His son, Pierre studied at Paris royal garden of medicinal plants and Montpellier university of medicine before returning to his native lands and carrying on the family tradition that lasts until the French Revolution.


In 2021, Paul Saint Olive decided to continue the family tradition. Coming from a French aristocratic family, Paul Saint Olive grew up in an aesthetic and perfumed environment. From an early age and until adulthood, Paul spends his free time smelling the fragrant scent of nature, and painting. 

From 2014 to 2018, Paul successively created two companies in the field of art and fashion.

In 2021, Paul launches the perfume brand PAUL SAINT OLIVE which combines his passion for French luxury craftsmanship, his creativity and his olfactory memories

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